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  • ABS band saws Automatic Blade System

    Band saws ABS (Automatic Blade System): the system revolution! Automatic cutting cycle without operator presence.

  • Bandsaw NG120XL

    Great versatility, technology and performance, NG System 60% faster than traditional bandsaws.

  • Bandsaw 780XL

    Bandsaw handy, lightweight and suitable for any type of use.

  • Bandsaw 787 XL All Road

    Transportable bandsaw complete of base with wheels.

  • Radial mitre saw 1050-3D

    Three-function radial mitre saw, with upper worktable and big cutting capacity

  • Mitresaw XXX Evo

    All movements on bearings, new TPS system, great performances.

  • Edge banding system IB500

    Solid metal sheet frame and adjustable band support.

  • Bandsaw ABS NG160

    FEMI ABS NG160 bandsaw: extreme application in automatic production line for tubes cutting

  • FEMI Company Presentation

    FEMI Company Presentation

  • Band saw SN105XL

    Band saw Femi Job Line art.SN105XL with blade 1335, single phase motor 850 Watt and cutting capacity mm 105x93